Lawrence Welk Show
Aldridge Sisters, Singers (1977-1982)
Knoxville's Finest Sister Act Often Sang With Otwell Twins

Aldridge SistersThe Aldridge Sisters, consisting of Sherry and Sheila Aldridge, are a popular sister act best known for their performances on the Lawrence Welk Show from 1977 to 1982.   Growing up, they were active in their Baptist church choir in their hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee, sang in school and community concerts, and were also regulars at radio station WPTX in Lexington Park, MD. After briefly holding jobs as flight attendants, the girls decided showbiz was better so they tried out for the Lawrence Welk Show, hence the reason Welk often referred to them as his "singing hostesses."      
Aldridge SistersIn 1977, The Aldridge Sisters auditioned in Los Angeles, singing the popular song "Fernando" by ABBA. Welk loved what he heard however, there were no openings on the show to offer them at first. That changed when Tanya Welk left the show in 1977. After joining the show, they teamed up with the Otwell Twins as one of the most popular acts.   Both sisters married in 1980, Sheila to comedian Roger Behr and Sherry to Welk sax and flute artist Bob Davis. Since then they have both remarried with Sheila married to Chris Costa and Sherry to John Orchard.   Today, Sherry lives in Florida while Sheila lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee and often performs with her husband.    
Aldridge Sisters Sing On The Road Again