Lawrence Welk Show
Lawrence Welk's Champagne Ladies (1934-1982)
Maxine Gray (1934 - 1936), Lois Best (1938 - 1940)
Jayne Walton (1940 - 1945), Joan Mowery (1945 - 1947)
Helen Ramsay (1947 - 1949), Roberta Linn (1949 - 1954)
Alice Lon (1954 - 1959), Norma Zimmer (1959 - 1982)
Maxine Gray, Champagne Lady Maxine Gray was Lawrence Welk's first unofficial Champagne Lady from 1934 - 1936. In 1936, Gray left the show and joined the Ted Weems Orchestra followed by the Hal Kemp Orchestra in 1938.  <<more>>
Lois Best was Lawrence Welk's first official Champagne Lady from 1938 - 1940. She married trumpet player Jules Herman in 1940. <<more>>
Jayne Walton, Champagne Lady Jayne Walton was Lawrence Welk's second Champagne Lady from 1940 - 1945.
Joan Mowery, Champagne Lady Joan Mowery was Lawrence Welk's third Champagne Lady from 1945 - 1947.
Helen Ramsay, Champagne Lady Helen Ramsay was Lawrence Welk's fourth Champagne Lady from 1947 - 1949. She went on to sing for the Arthur Godfrey Show. <<more>>
Roberta Linn, Champagne Lady Roberta Linn was Lawrence Welk's fifth Champagne Lady from 1949 - 1954. The Emmy Award singer went on to produce her own radio and TV show. <<more>>
Alice Lon, Champagne Lady Alice Lon was Lawrence Welk's sixth Champagne Lady from 1954 - 1959. Lon left the show after showing too much knees according to Welk. <<more>>
Norma Zimmer, Champagne Lady Norma Zimmer was Lawrence Welk's seventh Champagne Lady from 1959 - 1982. Although she told Lawrence Welk she wanted to leave the Show in 1962 to spend more time with her family, she ended up staying 20 more years. <<more>>