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This Weekend on PBS

"California Show (1968)"

Lawrence WelkSee the Lawrence Welk Show's "California Show" episode this weekend on PBS

This week's episode guest stars Mary Lou Metzger and features a variety songs from California vacation destinations. This episode originally aired in June 1968.

The cast
joins in for "California, Here I Come". Myron Floren on accordion with guitarists Neil Levang & Buddy Merrill; danced by Bobby & Cissy perform "A Spoonful of Sugar". Jimmy Roberts sings "I Left My Heart in San Francisco". Norma Zimmer sings "When You Wish Upon a Star". "Hooray for Hollywood" is danced by Arthur Duncan. Dick Dale with Steve, Bob Lido, Charlie & Larry perform "San Fernando Valley". "Music to Watch the Girls By" is danced by Bobby Burgess & Cissy King. Andra Willis sings "Besame Mucho". Bob Ralston at the piano plays a Greek Piano Concerto in A minor. "Three Little Fishies" is danced by Bobby Burgess, Arthur Duncan & Jack Imel. Natalie Nevins sings "When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano". Tanya Falan sings "Twenty-Miles Across the Sea (Santa Catalina)". Steve Smith with Curt, Norma, Andra & Charlie perform "Avalon". Sandi Griffith & Salli Flynn duet with "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" Steve Smith sings "Fly Me to the Moon". Jo Ann Castle and Bob Lido perform "San Francisco". Larry Hooper sings "Talk to the Animals". The Orchestra performs "People Will say We're in Love". In My Little Gray Home in the West. Joe Feeney All join in for a medley of "Take Your Girly to the Movies and California, Here I Come."

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("Twenty Six Miles-Tanya Falan Welk"):