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This Weekend on PBS

"Musical Memories (1968)"

Lawrence WelkSee the Lawrence Welk Show's "Musical Memories" episode this weekend on PBS

This week's episode guest stars Kathy Lennon and features a variety of musical treats. This episode originally aired in 1968.

Norma Zimmer sings "I Get Along Without You Very Well". Andra Willis sings "Love Me With All Your Heart", Bob Ralston plays a classic arrangement of "I Will Wait For You." The Lennons sing "Where Are the Words?" Tanya Falan sings "Can't Take My Eyes off of You". Joe Feeney performs "If Ever I Would Leave You". The Orchestra performs "Talk to the Animals" and "Windows of Paris." The Three Steppers (Bobby, Art, and Jack) bring a unique interpretation to "Team Work" , and Dick Dale "Never Sees Andra Alone"! 

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("I Will Wait For You"):