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The Lawrence Welk Show was among the most successful musical variety shows in American history and can be watched on PBS

A wealth of talent entertained millions of people on TV with what became known as Champagne music over its 30 year and 1,065 episode history. Find the most extensive collection of Lawrence Welk Show biographies online, from his early days as a travelling band to his hit TV show on ABC right here at
This Weekend on PBS

"Strike Up The Band (1964)"

Lawrence WelkSee the Lawrence Welk Show's "Strike Up The Band" episode this weekend on PBS .

This show is a classic black and white program from 1964. Barbara and Bobby dance to a medley of songs that include everything from "The Bunny Hug" to "The Twist". Mahlon Clark and Jack Imel perform "Slip Disk." Myron kicks off a Norwegian segment with the "Happy Norwegian Polka" and the Lennon Sisters take us to "Mockingbird Hill". Aladdin delivers a moving recitation called "I Am The United States" which is followed by a rousing rendition of "The National Emblem March".

Preview of Upcoming Episode

("Slip Disk" with Mahlon Clark and Jack Imel):