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Jo Ann Castle Child Molestation Case
Castle Admits To Perjured Testimony Amid Cover-Up Of Molestation To Law Enforcement

Jo Ann Castle Child Molestation

On July 7, 1978, Jo Ann Castle discovered something wrong. Her fiance was supposed to be tucking in her eight and nine year old children but something just didn't sound right. Castle had reason to worry. The crying voices led Castle to call 911 that evening and her fiance was charged with molesting her child.  

With her fiance sitting in jail, however, Castle made the fateful decision to not only perjure herself to police but force her 7 year-old child to handwrite a humiliating letter denying the very molestion she suffered. After the perjury, Castle married the molestor in a church and the abuse continued for eight more years.

In 2013, Jo Ann Castle confessed to perjury to law enforcement and suborning the perjury of a minor with intent to conceal child molestation, according to court records.