Lawrence Welk Show
Michael Redman, Singer (1980-1982)
Often Performed With Ron Anderson and Gail Farrell

Alvan AshbyMichael Redman was a singer on the Lawrence Welk Show from 1980 to 1982, often as part of a trio with Ron Anderson and Gail Farrell. Redman was born in Portland, Oregon, and graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in performing arts and literature. Prior to joining the show, he did voice work for famous cartoons including The Flintstones and Yogi Bear. Later he appeared on television shows such as The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, Happy Days, Sonny and Cher and Donny and Marie. He also appeared as a singer on Johnny Mann's Stand Up and Cheer show. As a vocalist, he performed and recorded with Barbra Streisand, Frank Sinatra, Henry Mancini, and Barry Manilow. Redman joined the Welk Show after fellow performer, Tom Netherton, had recommended him to Lawrence Welk. 

In 1991, the entire Redman family completed their vocal work on a Disney film, "Perfect Harmony", in which Michael's wife, Cinda, and their two daughters, Jennifer and Melissa, all joined forces.

Pamplin Music distributed Michael's last solo album entitled "Michael Redman---Yesterday and Today".  The album is a mixture of pop, contemporary Christian, inspirational, standards, big band and jazz. Redman lives in Vancouver, Washington.