Lawrence Welk Show

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The Lawrence Welk Show was among the most successful musical variety shows in American history and can be watched on PBS

A wealth of talent entertained millions of people on TV with what became known as Champagne music over its 30 year and 1,065 episode history. Find the most extensive collection of Lawrence Welk Show biographies online, from his early days as a travelling band to his hit TV show on ABC right here at .
This Weekend on PBS
"Young At Heart"

lawrence welk showMary Lou Metzger host this weekend's episode of the Lawrence Welk Show. This show is based on Lawrence's book of the same name.  Highlights include Tom Netherton's rendition of "Young At Heart", "Isn't It Romantic", played with style by the band, and Bob Havens and the rhythm section swing out with "Maggie Blues".  Everything comes together with the "Beer Barrel Polka".