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This Weekend on PBS

"New York Show (1958)"

Lawrence WelkSee the Lawrence Welk Show's "New York Show" episode this weekend on PBS

This week's episode guest stars Big Tiny Little and features a variety songs celebrating New York City. This episode originally aired in August 1958 and was filmed in New York City.

The Orchestra performs "Manhattan". The Lennon Sisters sing "Sugar Moon". The Orchestra performs "Cecelia". Alice Lon sings "More Than You Know". The Orchestra performs "Row, Row, Row" and "It Must Be True". Larry Dean performs "On the Street Where You Live" and "Tell Me Tonight". Joe Feeney does "Someday". Aladdin and Larry Hooper do "Yakkity Yak". The Orchestra performs "Viennese Lantern". Myron Floren conducts the orchestra in a medley of Stephen Foster songs. Norman Bailey on trumpet performs "Sweet and Lovely". Larry Hooper does "Roll Out the Barrel" and "Sidewalks of New York". Aladdin performs "Volare" and "Maple Leaf Rag". Maurice Pearson performs "On Galway Bay" and "That's a Plenty". A medley of "Swinging Down the Line", "There's Danger in Your Eyes". Aladdin, Bob Lido, Alice Lon, Jimmy Roberts, and Larry Hooper join in for "Goodnight Ladies".

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("Goodnight Song"):